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Chimney Sweep Service (Ramoneur) in the Vendée and Deux-Sèvres

Fully qualified English chimney sweep operating in the departments of the Vendée (85) and Deux-Sèvres (79), France.

Carrying out cleaning of chimneys of all types of:
  • solid fuel burners
  • open inglenook fires
  • oil fired boiler flues
Surveys carried out and advice given on installations to comply with current EU building regulations.
Prompt service guaranteed, including emergency call-outs.
All work covered by a certificate which complies with insurance companies requirements.
Cleaning done automatically on an annual basis so there is no need to go looking for a chimney sweep each year.

French legislation requires that solid fuel burners must be have the flue cleaned at least once a year prior to the start of the next burning season.

Self-cleaning and certification is now not accepted by insurance companies. The work must be done by a fully qualified registered professional person who is fully insured and can certify that the appliance meets the required safety standards.

Chimney Sweep Service ~ Area Covered
Chimney Sweep, Ramoneur in Vendee and Deux-Sevres

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